Episode 6

Dungeons & Dragons is the archetypal roleplaying game, the progenitor of much nerd culture – and right now it’s having a resurgence. But embedded in the rules and world of D&D is a troubling approach to race which some suggest is racist. James is joined by Corey Clapp – former co-host of the Gay Gods of Gaming podcast – to deliver a verdict on the racial dynamics of Dungeons and Dragons.


  1. “Betazoids are characterized by their telepathic abiities, enabling them to read most minds. Their strong ethics, however, prevent them from abusing their powers. Peaceful and altruistic, Betazoids typically become ship’s counselors, doctors or ambassadors.” (from Star Trek TNG Role playing Game, 1998.

    I am now eagerly awaiting a follow-up episode called “Are role-playing adaptions of fantasy or science fiction works inherently racist?” or maybe a more general episode called “Is Star Trek racist?”

    PS: Just joined your podcast, loving the mix of pop culture and philosophy.
    PS2: Long-time all-round nerd, with many years of D&D playing on my CV; from time to time I thoroughly enjoy getting my geeky toes stepped on


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